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Back to top. Thank you to everyone who participated in the public meeting for The I Challenge on May 21st. Over members of the Central New York community joined us to provide comments, concerns, and ideas about the future of I The meeting was hosted by the New York State Department of Transportation and the Syracuse Metropolitan Transportation Council and it was the final public meeting before the environmental review phase begins.

Changing Lanes

Drop by anytime that is convenient for you from p. The deteriorating infrastructure of numerous urban highways across America is forcing cities and their residents to consider whether to rebuild them or re-imagine new and different alternatives. This reality has caused the topic of the future of urban highways to be discussed with increasing frequency.

Joseph F. Residents of New Orleans had the opportunity to voice their opinions about the future of the Claiborne Overpass at numerous community meetings in December The plan eliminated density maximums, instead letting height and massing limits guide design; also, 40 percent of housing was required to be two-bedroom units, and increased open space was mandated. Although it would take another eight years for the city to adopt the Market-Octavia plan, most of its pioneering provisions remained intact.

Together these policies stimulate higher density, a mix of neighborhood-serving and destination retail businesses, and pedestrian-friendly streets that foster community. Removal of the Central Freeway freed 22 parcels for development, seven of which are earmarked for affordable housing.


The neighborhood was not content with just sound planning. While the draft plan underwent environmental review and other approvals, Levitt and architect Stefan Hastrup convinced the city and a coalition of influential organizations—including San Francisco Beautiful, the American Institute of Architects, SPUR the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association , and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art—to hold an international design competition inviting architects worldwide to propose housing concepts for six lots along Octavia Boulevard.

It is especially critical to creating a range of affordability that the city needs. Designed by Stanley Saitowitz Natoma Architects, 8 Octavia rises at the corner of Market Street and Octavia Boulevard, one of the most prominent sites made available when the Central Freeway was removed. Against the backdrop of the dot-com and housing bubbles, the agreement to sell seven of the 22 parcels to the SFRA accomplished another important goal: it secured those sites for affordable housing.

But the Market-Octavia plan goes further, distributing affordable housing sites throughout the plan area and recommending that additional affordable units be spread among different housing types. Altogether, the city anticipates that nearly half the 1, units planned for the freeway sites will serve those with special needs, including the formerly homeless, people with developmental disabilities, low-income seniors, and low-income families. In the unfolding neighborhood, high-end condominiums and affordable housing sit comfortably together and are unified by an overarching mandate for high-quality design, especially at ground level, where the buildings influence the quality of the street.

In San Francisco we also have the will to do it right. Under the Market and Octavia Area Plan, all new development, even affordable housing like that provided at the Richardson Apartments, must have high ceiling heights at the retail level to enhance the streets. City making takes years, and in this respect the Market and Octavia Area Plan has another lesson to offer. The Board of Supervisors finally adopted the plan in March , just months before the country plummeted into the Great Recession.

With land values down, the city tabled its plans to sell parcels along Octavia Boulevard.