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Both a five-part biography of the queens as well as a study of the revered yet secretive and tumultuous institutions to which they belonged. Fatal Deceptions - Three True Joe Sharkey 0 1 0 This collection by a New York Times journalist gathers three horrifying true accounts of crimes of passion, ambition, and fear.

Author Joe Sharkey delivers three gripping accounts of betrayal and murder in this compelling American true crime collection.

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Above Suspicion: Soon to be a major motion picture starring Emilia Clarke and Jack Huston, this true account tells the story of the only FBI agent to confess to murder. Assigned to Pikeville, Kentucky, rookie Mike Putnam cultivated paid informants and busted drug rings and bank robbers.

Deadly Greed: On October 23, , Charles Stuart reported that he and his seven-months-pregnant wife, Carol, had been robbed and shot by a black male. By the time police arrived, Carol was dead, and soon the baby was lost as well.

I'll Fly Away: Further Testimonies From the Women of York Prison

Stuart then identified a suspect: Willie Bennett. The attack incited a furor during a time of heightened racial tension in the community. Death Sentence: John List was working as the vice president of a Jersey City bank and had moved his mother, wife, and three teenage children into a nineteen-room mansion in Westfield, New Jersey when he lost his job and everything changed. The Saboteur of Auschwitz - The They called it Auschwitz. Forced to do hard labour, starved and savagely beaten, Arthur thought his life would end in Auschwitz.

Determined to go down fighting, he sabotaged Nazi industrial work, risked his life to alleviate the suffering of the Jewish prisoners and aided a partisan group planning a mass break-out. This shocking true story sheds new light on the operations at the camp, exposes a hierarchy of prisoner treatment by the SS and presents the largely unknown story of the military POWs held there.

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Can You Tolerate This? As Young's perspective expands, a series of historical portraits — a boy with a rare skeletal disease, a French postman who built a stone fortress by hand, a generation of Japanese shut-ins — strike unexpected personal harmonies, as an unselfconscious childhood gives way to painful shyness in adolescence.

As we watch Young fall in and out of love, undertake intense physical exercise that masks something deeper, and gradually find herself through her writing, a highly particular psyche comes into view: curious, tender and exacting in her observations of herself and the world around her. How to bear each moment of experience: the inconsequential as much as the shattering?

In this spirited and singular collection of essays, Ashleigh Young attempts to find some measure of clarity amidst the uncertainty, exploring the uneasy tensions — between safety and risk, love and solitude, the catharsis of grief and the ecstasy of creation — that define our lives.

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Angels of Death - Disturbing Emily Webb 1 1 0 This collection of stories explores murders committed in the very places meant to be safe havens — hospitals, doctor surgeries and people's own living rooms. The doctors, nurses and other health professionals featured in this book are serial killers who roamed their place of work.

For them, finding victims was easy picking — the sick, the elderly, the very young … all completely oblivious to the danger that lurked at the edge of their bed Show book. Are you sure you want to continue? Cancel Accept. There was an error reconnecting.

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Do you need any help, or more information? In exchange for a small monthly fee you can download and read all of the books offered in our catalogue on any device mobile, tablet, e-reader with web navigator or PC. In Unexpected , stories written by women formerly and presently incarcerated at the York Correctional Institute in Niantic, Conn.

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Jenkins has been leading a theater outreach class at York since , which predates the Center for Prison Education at Wesleyan, founded in However, through the Center for Prison Education, Wesleyan students are currently volunteering at the prison. The Feb. Students sang songs that conveyed longing, innocence and regret and also convincingly took on the roles of inmates in various monologues.