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A Look at 1 Peter 4: Suffering for the Sake of Jesus

While examples of prayers of lament are found throughout the biblical witness and are particularly prevalent in the book of Psalms, too often we neglect lament in our worship. Hymns such as Ruth Duck's "Out of the Depths" can help us reclaim lament in our worship. While Psalm is often seen as a confessional psalm, with its focus on redemption from iniquities, 2 there are many things we hide away—our wounds, our scars, our traumas, our fears—and hiding these from ourselves and God stifles healing.

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  2. Out of the Depths.
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The first verse acknowledges the power of "wounds of the past" to affect our daily lives and the need for God's love when we look at the full scope of our lives. The second verse leads us toward breaking silences that cloud the truth and keep us living in the fear of that which we have been too afraid to name. While "Out of the Depths" encourages us to do our own individual work toward bringing our laments to God, it also lifts up the value of community in this healing process.

While the first two stanzas both begin with "out of the depths," all three stanzas end with "here in this community," ensuring that the words most emphasized by repetition are not words of sorrow and isolation, but words of companionship. The second stanza also speaks to the safety and value of sharing difficult emotions among friends.

Almost all psalms of lament live in the tension between lament and praise. In fact, praise and expressions of confidence in God are seen as essential elements to the form of "lament"; 3 many lament psalms end in praise such as Psalm 13 , or move back and forth constantly between lament and praise Psalm In fact, Captain McVay was one of the only if not the only Captain court-martialed for the sinking of his ship.

Side note: it was formerly, 17thth century, the practice of the British Navy to automatically court-martial a captain who lost his ship, to ascertain facts of the event. Harrell goes to great lengths to explain how he and many of the survivors he knew felt Captain McVay was treated unfairly. He felt that the captain was scapegoated, and that the overall failure was systemic. Overall, though, this is a story of faith in the midst of trials. Harrell clung strongly to his faith in God throughout his ordeal, and further used that faith to provide comfort to his fellow survivors.

He also sees the events as important to understanding justice and the pursuit of truth, noting how Captain McVay was finally exonerated some 30 years after his death. This is not an easy book to read, as it details the struggles against the elements and the attacks of the sharks. Every moment is not detailed, but the ones that are can be cringe worthy.

These were truly men who faced a string of challenges and pulled through. I can heartily recommend this as a look at one of the most-known-on-the-surface events of World War II. Many of us know it happened, but few know what occurred. Free book from the publisher in exchange for the review. May 26, Janae Schiele rated it it was amazing. That is what I said many times while reading this amazing story. This sto Whoa. This story not only tells what happened during their survival at sea, but what also happened to the survivors afterwards.


Like how badly they were treated, how blame for the incident was placed on the wrong person, and how justice was never truly served until 50 years later. This is such an inspiring story that will remind you that with God you can get through anything. And I honestly cannot think of anything else that would be worse than what those service men went through. The first two chapters in the book start out by giving you background information on Harrell and the ship.

Then when you hit chapter three, the tragic story unfolds. Throughout the book are old photographs that make the story come alive even more. There were a few spots in the story that looked like a repeat of what was said earlier in the book, almost like they moved part of the story to a different page in the book and forgot to delete it from the original spot. However this did not hurt the story in anyway, whether the repeated facts were intentional or not.

Because I knew that the author was not a professional writer, he was a survivor that needed to tell his story.

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Feb 07, Regina rated it it was amazing. Whether you are a history buff or not, this book is a gripping nonfiction account of survival from the sinking of the U. Indianapolis ship during WWII. It implores us to remember that "freedom is not free. And for this reason, many brave men and women have sacrificed their lives for this great nation. In his introduction he briefly compares the similarities of Japan Whether you are a history buff or not, this book is a gripping nonfiction account of survival from the sinking of the U. In his introduction he briefly compares the similarities of Japanese suicide missions kamikazes to Islamic suicide missions.

Out of the Depths - Set of 4 Books

It was the desire to control the world that fueled the beginnings of war. Not to blame Japan, Harrell dives deeper into the Word of God and points the ultimate finger to Satan and his demons at work inciting people to participate in evil. Harrell maintains that it was his relationship with God that kept him from despair and suicide in shark infested waters. He brings the story around full circle from the initial torpedoes launched at the U.

Indianapolis -- causing it's sinking -- to reconciliation with Commander Hashimoto who ordered the firing. Considered a pawn of Emperor Hirohito, Harrell forgives him and they have a friendship. Jun 22, Meagan Myhren-bennett rated it it was amazing Shelves: educational , non-fiction , death , history , war.

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This is one man's recollection of the events surrounding the sinking of the USS Indianapolis in July This was a time of war, but the USS Indianapolis was assured the waters were safe and so was sailing the South Pacific unescorted. But assurances were of little value when your ship comes under attack by a Japanese submarine. As Edgar Harrell put it he was face-to-face with my mortality pg 67 and he prayed because there was no one to help him, no one but the Savior of his soul.

And as the security of the ship slipped away he turned to God. So began a 5 day struggle as he and his fellow shipmates struggle to survive the dangers of both the ocean and the elements This is one story that will leave an impact on your life. There are pictures from the time of the book throughout adding to the reality the author portrays with his words.

And there remarks and remembrances from other survivors every few pages. This book will move you to tears at places it is that powerful. Sometimes it is hard to comprehend the truth of despair those who survive might have felt, but this book helps one grasp some of these feelings. It is amazing how many said this time of trial made them cry out to God in prayer for deliverance. This would be an excellent addition to any library. It would also make for an interesting Book Club discussion title. I was provided a copy of this book by Bethany House in exchange for my honest review. Aug 10, Neil Geisel rated it really liked it.

Great personal account of this tragedy.

I learned a lot through this book, and will undoubtedly read another book about it. A movie is coming soon on it, that always helps with visuals and scale of the details. It is nice to read this account, because it explains a lot about the devine intersection to all the events that happened. God uses tragedy and the unthinkable to humans, to work and bring glory to Himself.

Most Christians that survive the horrific events like this, many times will admit t Great personal account of this tragedy. Most Christians that survive the horrific events like this, many times will admit they wanted the easy way out with death. However, God living inside them gives power to overcome and eventually triumph. They always look back on the events with gratitude and understanding that God uses these events to transform and save lives. It is very interesting to hear about the way man turns to God a higher power in times of peril, like the sailors and marines fighting to survive in the ocean did, even those who claimed not to believe.

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