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With broadband targets chosen, the CDC is moving forward, Ms. With respect to large areas of the community currently having internet service at levels that have become obsolete, middle mile connectivity will be built out from the existing regional SCAN network, which runs through Pagosa in the Highway corridor. SCAN is a high-capacity, fiber optic cable network, which was originally developed throughout the region several years ago to provide high speed internet access to public facilities government installations, schools, public districts, etc.

A substantial, and so-far unused part of the cable included in the SCAN network is owned locally by the Town and the County, which have both agreed to dedicate their unused cable to a system now being established under CDC guidance to deliver high speed broadband to customers in the community.

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The plan being followed will involve leasing access to the existing publicly-owned, SCAN fiber to commercial Internet Service Providers. Leases will be on condition of use of the access promptly to provide delivery of last mile service to consumers. Thus, essential infrastructure will become available for broadband service in the community, without the need for commercially profitable return on expensive capital investments.

Customers should begin to see changes in the availability of high-speed internet service for homes and businesses as early as the end of this year, Ms. Coulehan predicted, and progress will pick-up further in The loans are designed to help cover the cost of small start-up investments, she said, mentioning loans made to a medical practice, an auto repair shop, and a vending machine business as examples.

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  • The CDC has provided educational presentations on the program, and will help with identification of eligible projects. Noting the upcoming Economic Development Luncheon on May 22, she commented that participation in the CDC is an investment in a stronger community. Thinking Outside of the Economic Box. Tickets can be purchased online at www. Who We Play For. Attention parents of 8th graders. This procedure can detect issues in the heart that can be missed in standard physicals. All you have to do is fill out the form your child brings home and return it to the office.

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    A qualified health professional will screen them next Friday, May 17th during PE or band class. Thank you for your support.

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    Your student will be bringing these forms home this week! Every parent should take advantage of this important and potentially lifesaving screening!! You can learn more at www. Virginia Chan, Oncologist. Speaker: Dr.

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    Chan, a native Indonesian, grew up on Long Island, N. The new Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders provides oncology and hematology services. In addition to Dr. Chan, it is staffed by Dr. William Jordan, and assorted other professionals with relevant specialized skills and knowledge. Chan explained the Center delivers the latest in advanced treatment, citing immunotherapy, treatment designed to induce the human immune system to bring its power to bear in attacking diseased cells, with the aid of targeting techniques utilizing computer analysis to tailor the regimen to the individual patient.

    Although immunotherapy is a form of treatment that not all can tolerate, because of the potential for inflammation, it can be very effective, she said. Because it is targeted, and thereby differs from what Dr.


    In response to questions from the audience, Dr. Chan acknowledged the challenge of keeping pace with rapidly advancing diagnostic and treatment technologies, but said that the relevant medical communities as a whole include many specialists who are generous with their time in consulting with fellow-professionals on new means of addressing issues in their fields. And, she added, the Medical Center has good, cooperative relationships with other regional facilities with advanced capabilities currently beyond local reach that may be needed by some patients.

    Patients treated at the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders include generally full-time local residents, and second-home owners. Jeff Switzer got the meeting started by offering an Apache Blessing as the invocation:. RYLA campers this year. For context, Sun Lakes is a suburban Phoenix, Az. Kenny discussed a local 4-H Club program for certification of 12 — 18 year-olds as baby sitters through a class being provided during the first week of June. Kenny said 4-H is looking for donations to help youths of limited means meet tuition charges.

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    The mike was next passed on to Bob Eggleston, who renewed the request for dealers to staff the various activities to be staged during the June 21 Casino Night event. Remaining on topic, Jo Ann Laird called for a final volunteer of four needed to distribute Casino Night Posters throughout the town, and such was her magnetic appeal that she succeeded right on the spot! Posters will go up May 23, Jo Ann said, and reported also that tickets will be available that day, and will then be distributed to Rotarians for flogging to friends, neighbors, assorted passers-by, and any others potential gamblers ingenuity can procure.

    The Center will be located in a building that housed a long-closed restaurant off Piedra Road near the airport. Dave reported that plumbing and electrical inspections were recently passed, and the remodeling is now heading toward completion. A Center opening in September or October is hoped for, Dave said. The facility needs a Director, he added, asking for leads to qualified persons who might be interested. Rotary projects will benefit from the event, set for am on May 22, to include a catered lunch and a speaker from the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, Jeff Kraft.

    Rotary will provide help with setup the day before, May 21 at 1pm.

    Go to the CDC website, and click on the event link to buy tickets with a few strikes of your keyboard! Complimentary tickets will be provided by the CDC for eight Rotarians helping with event set-up and take-down. The winners will be presented at the Rotary meeting next week, May 16, she said.

    Betty Switzer then presided over a session of Sunshine and Showers, producing among other contributions:. Exchange students Theo Bonlokke and Cata Acuilera then updated the meeting on their activities. Cata said she was recovering well from being sick, and would be accompanying the High School Choir to Denver for an event. Dave Campbell held the winning ticket it took a while for Dave to discover the number was his, so many tics had he purchased.

    Alas, Dave pulled a spade from the deck, but not the Ace. Calls from the audience to give the poor man a second chance in view of his mammoth investment in tickets when unheeded by Lisa. The meeting began with a corny invocation by Meg Wempe. A farmer, Meg related, was celebrated for his blue-ribbon, prize-winning corn. A visitor observed that after the growing season, the farmer distributed parts of the seed corn from his bumper crop to the neighboring farmers.

    Those who want to live well, Meg concluded, do best when they help others live well too. A kernel of wisdom, so to speak. But wait: Kim was lately cruising the South Pacific. Maybe it was the left-over influence of chill from her prior trip to the slopes of Mount Everest in Tibet? Dave Campbell then was called to the podium by President Shellie Peterson, to continue the apparent theme of spring rebirth by introducing new members Pat Tackett and Julie Walters.

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    Julie, sponsored by Lisa Scott, said she had returned to Pagosa three years ago after an extended absence, and currently works for Bob Scott. She is involved locally in hot air balloons. Against Durango recently, he struck a blow mighty enough to end a speedy dash safely astride 2 nd base, with his first hit of the season. Tillykke, Theo!