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Mark Hewson - - Cosmos and History 3 Hoy - - In Kenneth R. Westphal ed. Hegel's Preface to the "Phenomenology of Spirit". Jean Hyppolite - - Northwestern University Press.

Hegelian News & Reviews: Rudolf Haym on the Preface to the Phenomenology

Hegel's Development: Night Thoughts. Hegel's Concept of God. History and System: Hegel's Philosophy of History. Hegel: An Introduction.

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Hegel's Dialectic and its Criticism. Knowles , Errol E. Harris , H.

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Harris , M. Inwood , Quentin Lauer , Robert L. Cambridge University Press.

Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit

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A commentary on the preface to Hegel's ‘Phenomenology of Spirit’

Philosophy of language. Philosophy of mind.

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  • Certainly with Kant and Heidegger - and with Hegel - each condenses much in their prefaces to their major works. Indeed, a close reading of the preface can stand as a survey of the whole. That's the idea. This is a difficult read. I intend to proceed through it paragraph-by-paragraph, no doubt grouping some together. And there will be rules! Please see the next post. Rules for Reading Hegel's preface to Phenomenology. I'll proceed paragraph-by-paragraph.

    The preface itself appears to have an internal numbering system. I hope, then, to be able to number the paragraphs in a way that will make it not-too-difficult for someone with their own text to "come alongside. To understand any book or text requires first that it be read - and understood.

    Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy, Vol 3, No 2-3 (2007)

    That's the task of this thread, and that is the only task of this thread! Opinions and arguments are not welcome!

    Exception: given a reading, if someone can add light or improve on - or correct - the explication given, then they're very welcome. Or if anyone wants to add their own parallel "reading," also welcome. With luck, odd pages, maybe the thing can be done in under 50 - posts! Terrapin Station Terrapin Station Options Share.

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    • Get lost with that. That's not philosophy. Apologies for Terrapin's irruption. The goal here is both to understand and contribute to understanding - a team effort. Hegel: [I,1] 1 Hegel offers an account of what prefaces are usually about; e. But he disqualifies philosophy-as-subject from that kind of regular and usual approach. He says, "Philosophy deals essentially with the general in which the particular is subsumed. Such understanding "does not comprehend the difference of the philosophical systems in terms of the progressive development of the truth, but sees only the contradiction in this difference.

      In the same way the fruit declares the blossom to be a false existence of the plant, and the fruit supplants the blossom as the truth of the plant. These forms do not only differ, but also displace each other because they are incompatible. Hegel notes that most folks are baffled outside of a non-organic, binary system of right and wrong, and further, that such "a consciousness" can neither easily break free from nor remain free from its "one-sidedness," to recognize that "contention and mutual opposition" obscures the relationship of "elements which are necessary to each other.

      This thread is not about philosophy; it is about reading and understanding a text - — tim wood. Marty Marty Options Share. Fooloso4 1k. Not the book tim wood is using and not one of the better translations of Hegel] I will join in. Fooloso4 Options Share. I think that's Phenomenology of Mind - different book. But that's not to say the two prefaces won't compliment each other! Could you tell me the first few words of the translation you are using? Here is another online translation, by Miller: — Fooloso4.

      In the preface to a philosophical work, it is customary for the author to give an explanation It is customary to preface a work With an explanation of the author's aim Wallows 8. Wallows Options Share. My "philosophy" here is that no matter how good my vision is, there is always a blind spot Valentinus Valentinus Options Share. Banno 5.


      Neat bud-flower-fruit metaphor. The numbering sequence escapes me. In Miller it is in paragraph 2.