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The Edgar Cayce Primer: Discovering the Path to Self Transformation

Over the course of forty years the Sleeping Prophet time and again closed his eyes, entered an altered state of consciousness, and spoke to the very heat and spirit of mankind on subjects such as health, healing, dreams, meditation, sexuality, and reincarnation. His more than 14, readings are preserved at the Association for Research and Enlightenment. And now, with the guidance of Edgar Cayce, we can learn how to mine our psychic strengths for happier and healthier lives.

Here are the readings of The Sleeping Prophet , condensed and simplified--the wisdom to help us make the right decisions affecting all facets of our lives. Cayce offers us the keys to insight, enlightenment, and total fulfillment. He has specialized in integrating the insight of psychical research, depth psychology, and comparative religion.

It is a story of self-examination, seeking, and selfless service.

Edgar Cayce on Know Thyself

For more than forty years, Edgar Cayce conducted a work that has been referred to as giving readings. A reading was a discourse given by Cayce while he was lying down, his eyes closed, in an altered state of consciousness. Almost always delivered in his own normal voice, the discourses were recorded stenographically by Gladys Davis Turner and typed immediately.

More than fourteen thousand of these readings are now preserved and available for study. They cover such a wide range of subject matter that they are indexed under more than ten thousand major subject headings. They are to be found in the library of the A. Most of the readings were given for individuals and, therefore, deal with specific personal questions concerning various aspects of physical, mental, spiritual, vocational, and interpersonal life.

Some of these readings, however, were complete discourses on topics such as meditation, Bible interpretation, and world affairs. It was not necessary for the person obtaining the reading to be present: Mr. Cayce was able to describe individuals and diagnose their physical condition with surprising accuracy, even though they might have been hundreds of miles away.

Because of these readings, thousands of people were helped, often in ways which transformed their lives.

The Edgar Cayce Primer by Herbert Puryear (ebook)

In their entirety, the readings provide specific procedures which are currently helpful in treating many major illnesses. If we take his psychic readings and their accompanying documentation seriously, they will revolutionize our ordinary notions about our sources of information, or how we come by knowledge. How Can We Know? Every choice we make is influenced by assumptions we have accepted.

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Every day we make decisions affecting our health, our business affairs, our relationships with our families and others, our mental and our spiritual attitudes. What are the sources of information upon which we base our decisions? For thousands of years, and especially since the renaissance, our civilization has been deeply influenced by philosophies which maintain that all knowledge originates in the outer world and is mediated by the physical senses.

Scientific knowledge is based on this assumption. In contrast, Edgar Cayce, who was really only one exceptional individual among hundreds who have travelled the mystic path, presented solid evidence that information of every kind may be obtained entirely from within. The Edgar Cayce story raises numerous questions about the inner world as a source of information. How does psychic ability relate to us? What are the pitfalls of turning within? What was the source of the information Edgar Cayce gave?

What are the steps we should take in evaluating other sources? If we are souls with the capacity for psychic awareness that is not limited by time or space, we can conclude, that by attuning ourselves, as souls, to our inner Source, we will find answers to all of our questions, and solutions to what we call problems. Even though sensitives such as Edgar Cayce seem to be able to tap a Universal source of knowledge, we may find that we are unable to do the same.

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When we turn within, we often discover instead that we are faced with an array of voices, feelings, impulses, and experiences. What is the problem? Discerning the nature of the inner experience has, therefore, been problematic for thousands of years. Some, who become dismayed by the complexity of this inner world, may oversimplify matters by concluding that information received from within is either from God or the devil. We, as seekers, must be extremely careful to avoid such simplistic evaluations.

What Was the Source that Cayce Tapped? The Edgar Cayce readings are especially helpful in achieving an understanding of the complexity of the inner life. They clarify matters by dividing the inner world into three basic states of consciousness.

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Although the levels of consciousness are perhaps innumerable, the readings deal mainly with the conscious, the subconscious, and the superconscious. This threefold view of the dimensions of consciousness can be illustrated with a cone-shaped diagram. The point of the cone represents the physical consciousness which is limited in awareness by the here-and-now requirements of the physical body and its senses. The subconscious, which is evident especially in our dreams and spontaneous urgings, acts as a filter or mediator between the infinite potential of the superconscious and the finite limitations of the waking conscious.

The concept of the subconscious as a dynamic process between normal physical consciousness and the super-conscious potential is the key to a fuller understanding of the array of inner experiences available to us. Information coming from the superconscious filters through the thought forms and desire patterns of the subconscious. Therefore, it may be accurate or inaccurate, helpful or harmful, pure or distorted. Based on the above threefold model, an individual may be said to be psychic to the degree that he is able to put aside the distracting input from the conscious and subconscious in preference to input from the superconscious, which may put him in touch with all worthwhile information.

For a channel to be consistently accurate and helpful, then, one must be able to tap the superconscious on a regular basis. And this Edgar Cayce did with remarkable frequency and consistency. The ability to establish and maintain a helpful input from the superconscious is dependent upon many factors. It is affected by the general physical health and the degree of momentary attunement of the physical body of the channel. It involves the thoughts, emotions, and desires of the channel. And it is influenced by the purposes, motivations, and ideals of the channel. Considering such a model of consciousness and the complex role of the subconscious as the mediator between out conscious mind and the Divine, we can begin to understand and properly appreciate the problem of obtaining information from psychic sources.

If we have begun to center ourselves by establishing an ideal and by attuning ourselves through meditation, then we can respond constructively to outside sources.

Everyone relies to some extent upon externally obtained information. There is an excellent example in the Old Testament about external sources of information.

Discovering the Path to Self-Transformation

These readings consist of 49, typewritten pages and constitute one of the largest and most impressive records of psychic perception ever compiled. Edgar Cayce met his wife, Gertrude Evans born February 22, when she was only 15 years old. After the first meetings they went together to many social gatherings and Cayce started to reveal more about himself to her and her liberal family over time. He proposed to her on March and Gertrude accepted it even though she had some problems with his unusual abilities. After losing his job at the bookstore, he had several different jobs, including one in a photo studio.

Soon afterwards he started to work as a photographer. During that time, he only reluctantly gave readings. A newspaper article describing his abilities in the Hopkinsville Kentuckian brought the kind of notoriety he and Gertrude disliked.

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Gertrude in particularly viewed is as an intrusion into their personal life and dreamed of a conventional lifestyle. Being successful as a photographer and able to save up money, the wedding took place on June 17, Soon after their marriage his wife realized that Edgar valued helping people with his readings. Gertrude was deeply concerned for their marriage since Edgar Cayce was gentle and sensitive but when in trance, he used a completely different voice, which appeared distant to her and she understood that these readings would keep them from having a normal life.

Their first child, their son Hugh Lynn, was born on March 16, Their second son, Milton Porter, was born on March 28, but he got ill.

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When Cayce finally did a reading for Milton it was too late, and the baby died. They had relied on the doctors and it did not occur to Cayce to turn to a reading for help at first. Soon after Gertrude got very ill with tuberculosis and the doctors said she would not survive. Cayce did several readings for her and she was treated according to the advice given in the readings which seemed to help but it was slow, uphill work. In the end Gertrude realized that the readings had saved her, and Gertrude remained steadfastly at his side all her life despite of many difficulties they had to endure and helped him with his work.

During that time, he only gave a few readings β€” mainly for friends -, worked and - as in most cities he lived in β€” taught Sunday school. Their last son, Edgar Evans Cayce was born on February 9, When he tried raising the money through finding oil in Texas the readings indicated that no oil would be found unless everybody involved wanted it to be used for helping.