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Best and Worst Tim Burton Movies, Ranked Perfectly - Thrillist

Given how essential music is to his best films -- remember, this is the guy who recruited Prince to write songs for a Batman movie -- it's surprising it took so long for Burton to make a full-fledged musical. Maybe he was looking for the perfect story for his macabre sensibility?

Well, he found it in Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler's blood-soaked Broadway hit, which follows a deranged barber played by Depp here as he returns to London to seek revenge on the judge who ruined his life. Sweeney Todd is filled with beautiful but dense songs that would derail a less confident director, but Burton slices and dices Sondheim's work with glee, turning a stage-bound story into a sumptuous, unnerving, and often moving horror film. While Reubens penned the movie with his fellow Groundlings comedy cohort including SNL 's Phil Hartman , the director's taste for dark humor and circus extravagance, tucked inside the mundanity of the real world, is all over Pee-wee's Big Adventure.

The road movie drives Pee-wee to the weirdest corners of America and beyond -- at least, we're hopping "Large Marge" isn't from this plane of existence. Superhero movies don't come much weirder than Batman Returns. After the enormous box-office success of the first film, Burton climbs back in the Batmobile but mostly kicks Keaton's Bruce Wayne to the curb, instead focusing on Michelle Pfeiffer's psychologically damaged Catwoman and Danny DeVito's sneering, tragicomic Penguin.

Tim Burton's 'Vincent'--A Matter of Pastiche

The power of Edward Scissorhands lies in Johnny Depp's wounded eyes. This elegant bedtime story about a blade-wielding monster-hunk Depp arriving in suburbia and becoming a local sensation is part earnest fairytale, part horror story, and part wicked satire, but Depp's expressive glances and deadpan looks make the tonal shifts work.

Subverting his pin-up reputation by playing against type, Depp embodies the anxieties of shy teens everywhere. Long before American Beauty had you blathering on about floating plastic bags, Burton found poetry in shrubberies, blocks of ice, and perfectly manicured lawns.

Edward's famous "I'm not finished" line feels especially poignant in retrospect, because this now feels like Depp's most fully realized film. Written by The People v. Depp, grinning like a madman through Wood's highest highs and lowest lows, captures the glimmer of an absentminded creative.

Notable tropes in Burton's films include:

Burton's expert staging seems to relate. With a few tweaks, Beetlejuice could have been a horror movie up there with The Exorcist. The twist only gets more twisted when Michael Keaton's Beetlejuice, a used-car-salesman-from-hell type, enters the equation. Your browser does not support the video tag.

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Lost Vegas: Tim Burton @ The Neon Museum

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Planet of the Apes Burton reimagining this Charlton Heston dystopian classic in his own goth-Art Deco image is a tempting idea, but the execution is off from the second you see Mark Wahlberg getting strapped into a rocket with a chimp. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory There's no replacing Gene Wilder , the twinkling eyes and impish grin behind 's Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory , so it makes sense that Burton and Depp zig their munchkin-filled boat down the chocolate river where the original zagged.

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Paramount Pictures. We had a guy, Ed, who learned lots of elephant moves so he was very valuable because he made it more interactive," said Burton. The filmmaker was never a fan of the circus as a child but says he enjoys the fantasy of an itinerant life as a traveling show runaway. Not literally, but the idea -- like you're going to go join a bunch of other misfits from around the world I always liked that concept," he muses.

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DeVito -- the evil Penguin in the sequel "Batman Returns" -- is the good guy here, a struggling ringmaster whose Big Top is acquired by Vandevere. But the relationship did not last long: the Mouse House sacked its apprentice for wasting time and money on the short film "Frankenweenie," which was considered too dark for children. Disney, he says, has hired and fired him more times than he can count over the years. Burton says it is Disney's mix of monsters and magic -- its refusal to shy away from difficult and sometimes taboo themes like death and divorce -- that makes it special.

The studio, he says, doesn't patronize its young audiences, in an age when children are often assumed to be too fragile to be confronted with life's harsher realities. He recalls seeing a screening of 's "Pinocchio" -- a family movie that doesn't pull its punches -- and being surprised by the tears and shocked reaction of the modern audience to the puppet's death. The Atomic Saloon opens Sept. Pastries and swag are all part of Hello Kitty's Vegas allure. Travel Things to Do.

Michael Hiller. More From the Los Angeles Times. Tour company Thomas Cook collapses, leaving , Britons stranded abroad.

Frankenweenie Official Trailer #2 (2012) Tim Burton Movie HD

British tour operator Thomas Cook collapsed after failing to secure rescue funding. The U. Best summer ever: Readers share their travel photos. The pleasure and pain points converge in the annual evaluation of your summer moments.